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These Six Brushes,You Should Have
- Aug 07, 2018 -

    When the professional makeup artist shakes the cosmetic bag, the rows of brushes of different shapes are often dazzling, and the number of dozens of makeup brushes shows the difference between professional and amateur. Of course, to cope with daily makeup, you don't have to make yourself a master with N brushes, which can be combined according to personal makeup habits. But there are 6 brushes that are essential for the basic configuration: powder brush, concealer brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush and lip brush.


Powder brush: A soft powder brush can make the powdered makeup have a silky texture, which makes the makeup surface more clean and lasting.

Concealer brush: The fine brush head can be brushed to hard-to-reach areas, making the concealer effect more even and natural.

Blush brush: The blush brush can brush out the natural curvature of the blush more than the puff, and it can perfectly highlight the facial contour.

Eyeshadow Brush: There are many types of eye shadow brushes. You can prepare different sizes of eye shadow brushes to match different eye contouring methods.

Eyebrow brush: With eyebrow powder, you can draw a fairly natural eyebrow shape, which is easier to control the intensity and shade than the eyebrow pencil.

Lip Brush: The lip brush is an indispensable tool for delicate lip makeup. It can accurately define the lip shape, making the lips full and even and more durable.

Picking a brush is a course

    Some people say that having a good makeup brush means that the perfect makeup is half successful. A good quality brush, although valuable, can be used for ten years if you take good care of it. Natural bristles are naturally the best, they are as soft as human hair and have a natural stratum corneum. Blue squirrel hair is the best and most expensive, but the materials such as pony hair, mountain wool, and mane are also very good. Of course, don't miss the synthetic brush. The synthetic fiber can be well adhered to the makeup liquid and cream.

     When buying a makeup brush, the curvature of the brush head is a factor in distinguishing whether the brush is worth buying. You can use the bristles to pick up the powder makeup to see if you can evenly pick it up, then gently sweep the bristles from the back of the hand, and judge the symmetry of the bristles from the color of the brush, so that the color of the brush can maintain the color. Uniformity, if the color group is very unnatural, don't choose it. At the same time, you can use a brush to gently brush a few back and forth on the back of the hand. When the bristles are gently crossed over the back of your hand, you can feel the elasticity of the bristles, good or bad, the hand can tell you. It is also recommended to choose a round head brush as much as possible because it does not cause excessive damage to the cosmetics.

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