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- Apr 12, 2018 -

— Does makeup need so many brushes?

Workers must first sharpen their tools for good things. An excellent makeup artist must have a set of high-quality makeup brushes.


Powder Brush

Usage: Dingzhuang. Take loose powder or shimmering, blow off excess, even brush on the face; also used to remove the eye shadow and other scattered on the cheek.

Features: The body is soft and is the biggest one in the makeup brush. The oval brush part is at least 5cm long and is comfortable to use like a breeze


Eyeshadow Brush

Usage: For the whole eyelid base. Get a lot of eye shadows (mostly light eye shadows), play the excess, play with the outer brush from the inner corner of your eyes, you can create a

Uncertainty and confusion.

Features: oval. The softer the body is, the more compliant it is. Specifications vary in size and use different specifications based on individual eye shape.


Eyelash Comb

Usage: Comb eyelashes that are glued together by mascara. For the sake of safety, the eyes should face down and brush from top to bottom.

Features: Bristles are hard


Lip Brush

Usage: Use lipstick with a smile lipstick, brush out the lip evenly.

Features: soft and hard brush body density moderate


Liquid Foundation Brush

Usage: Blending of liquid foundation. When you use it requires a lot of patience, from the center of the face to both sides of the detailed application, especially the nose, the corner of the eye

Apply evenly. Do not take too much each time, this is the use of the United States and the United States to promote the method, you can brush out the smoothest makeup.

Features: Wide flat, high brush density, can use the thinnest way, out of the most martial arts makeup. The best material is non-absorbent polymer

Nylon chemical fiber


Concealer Brush

Usage: divided into large and small, large for uneven pigmentation, small for acne India. From the middle of the markings gradually to the sides, with subtle snails

Rotary method to push evenly.

Features: Flat. Brush hardness is moderate.


Blush Brush

Usage: divided into two types, oval shape for a large area to create arc shadows; flat head shape for protruding apple cheeks.

Features: High density, small brush can pick up the most rouge, precise location; large hair brush body soft, you can brush out a soft shadow.


Flat Eyeliner Brush

Usage: Draw eye shadow powder eyeliner. When dry, the eyeliner is thicker, and when used wet, the eyeliner is thinner and darker.

Features: Hard brush


Pointed Eyeliner Sharp Eyeliner

Usage: Draw smaller eyeliners

Features: Fine hair tip


Eyebrow Brush

Usage: You can directly dip eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil after eyebrow shaping

Features: Smaller than eye shadow brush, bristles hard.

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