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Our Factory Will Be Closed For Chinese New Year Holiday Jan. 7th To Jan 22nd, 2018
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Dear All,

Thank you for taking your time to viewing our website.

I am pleased to inform that the Chinese Sping Holiday is comming and our team together with billions of chinese people will celebrate this biggest traditional holiday home and aboard and we believe you feel the enthusiasm and blessing. Reunion with our family members who are possibly be apart for the whole year from far distance like two thousand kilemeters away. It is a time a joy and time a celebration and time of recharging of body and mind.

When we back, we will be more energetic and will bring more concentration to our work and pay more attention to the production of excellent high quality product.

If you have any inquiry, please send me message via my email , for urgent things, you could contact me via my phone /whatsapp 86 18038042515.

Thank you.

Key point: 

Our sping holidy in year 2018 will last from Jan 7th to Jan 22nd.

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