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MAKEUP BRUSHES Most Hot Selling In 2018
- Mar 15, 2018 -

MAKEUP BRUSHES Most Hot Selling in 2017 and 2018

To summarize the most hot selling makeup toos in recently month, it could be a dozon.

According to the request from our customers, we could list some of them.

bee shape 6pcs brush.JPG

Second, it is the portable powder brush which is attracted by some brands due to its new idea for keeping the hair clean all the time and reduce the washing frequency in the position of users.

So, user feedback is taking more and more importance when a brand is planing to make new product line.

portable foundation brush jinzhuo.JPG

Third one, the powder brush of extra large hair for best ever application in makeup .

All of our powder brushes have the same feature of this quality, we are able to make it in as much as possible hair , soft and gentle bristle of high quality. But do you know which part of makeup brushes are most expensive as far as its manufacturing cost.

powder brush extra large.jpg