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Makeup Brushes
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Professional makeup brush with bristles are generally divided into animal hair and synthetic hair two kinds. The natural animal felt has the complete wool scale, therefore the wool is soft, eats the powder degree to be saturated, can make the color evenly adhere, and does not irritate the skin. Generally speaking, animal hair is the best material for brush hair. 

To be handy to make makeup Jongmi incisively and vividly, perhaps you are just a set of tools called hand. Makeup brushes have been from professional stylist hand, go to beauty woman's side. According to the makeup division, mink hair is the best brush hair, texture soft and moderate. Goat Wool is the most common animal hair material, texture soft and durable. The texture of the small horse is softer and more flexible than that of the ordinary horse. Artificial wool artificial fiber than animal hair hard, suitable for the texture of thick paste make-up. Nylon texture is the most hard, more used as eyelash brush, eyebrow brush.

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