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How To Keep Away Business Lier Via Email
- Mar 12, 2018 -

Right last Sat. on March 10th, our company email list receive a inquiry for makeup brushes and with lots of details like trademark, quantity and leadtime,s shipping etc. I feel happy when those details comes. However, after communication with this guy vie shift of emails, he said he send me the order details via a link and asked me to get the order by signing my email address and code. It is so perfect inquiry with details company name, CEO title, address, emails with company name there and product details in terms of exporting. 

I keep calm and suspect it is a lie for my email details and try to contact with the real company website and facebook and contacts then leave message for doublechecking, the company gave me a timely reply and confirmed me that their company did not do business in production line of makeup brush. So, i am lucky i did this checking. I am lucky this email received to my email instead of other young sales girls.

i have been in this carrer for over 10years and i heared from one of friends who did same job as mine and she is email code was stolen and then payment from her customer in USA of total US$ 150,000 was transformed to the thief's band account instead of her company. 

I hate business lier of any kind. My philosophy on business is to do business with those matches for each other, and be friends if business could not reached by other side. So, being careful will never hurt in any case.