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Foundation Brush Hair Head Commonly Used Explanation
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Foundation brush currently on the market is divided into three types of flat, flat head, flat oblique Foundation brush.

Flat Head Foundation Brush

Flat type Hair

Head slightly pointed arc

The most common is also the longest use, the Flat Head Foundation brush is best used in the eye circumference and the facial fine place.

Flat Foundation Brush

Flat type hair head large, and is a plane, high-quality flat-top Foundation brush polymerization hair is concave, is the most able to play light and light effect, leading beauty makeup brush exclusive design.

Flat-Head Makeup brush apply to the bottom of the face, soft and comfortable material, foundation liquid BB cream better with the skin, to shape natural naked muscle.

Flat Oblique Foundation Brush

Flat oblique hair material dense, hair quality, density and length to achieve the ultimate balance.

The design of the brush head is suitable for the face contour angle design, causes the facial skin to be able to even the makeup. Grasping powder strength, evenly covering pores, fine lines and so on.