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Cosmetic Brush Proper Cleaning Steps
- Oct 23, 2017 -

STEP1: Use make-up remover water or brush with cleaning liquid poured in the honey powder lid, about a thin layer of fully covered components, so that brush wool dip adsorption, slightly dissolved adhesion of the make-up products.

STEP2: The natural ingredients of the shampoo poured into the basin in a mixed blister, and then the bristles fully mixed in bubble water.

STEP3: Grip The brush in the palm of the hand, to repeat the grip, put the method, so that the residual stain and makeup in the brush is completely clean out.

STEP4: Again at the end of the brush, is also the most frequent contact with the parts of make-up products, again carefully clean and clean.

STEP5: Finally, rinse the brush with a large amount of water and clean the residual detergent in the bristles with a clear water basin.

STEP6: If the brush because of the use of detergent and become too astringent, can again use a small amount of hair conditioner, a little straighten hair tail, and also to a large number of clean water.

STEP7: Take a few paper towels or a good absorbent towel, cover brush press several times, so that water as far as possible after drying, flat put in the ventilated place shade can.

TIPS: Daily Maintenance method

Brush with: Most of the color of the brush, usually after each use, just use the surface of the brush in the top and back flat brush, brush to no longer appear color can.

Lip brush: Lip brush does not need to be cleaned often, otherwise it will make the bristles lose elasticity, after each use directly on the surface of the paper to wipe the remaining lip balm clean can.