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Cosmetic Brush Maintenance
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Makeup brushes are usually expensive, so pay attention to the maintenance of the road.

After each use, be sure to use a paper towel brushing brush with the direction of light brushes, remove residual color and makeup powder. Add diluted shampoo every two weeks to soak and rinse in warm water, then rinse with cold. After finishing brush hair, let its natural shade.

Simple 7-Step clean makeup Brush

Brushes are like our hair, need to be well cared for to keep supple and bright. Clean Hair brush can be a neat makeup, dirty brush with not only can not be a beautiful makeup, but also make a big discount on makeup Oh!

Different brush with different use and material, the frequency of cleaning is not the same, here teaches you one of the easiest way to discriminate: the higher the oil content of the cosmetics use brush, the more frequent the number of cleaning. Because the oil residue is easy to adhere to dirty and grow bacteria, so that the brush used more and more color dirty, and harm the skin health, so in the cleaning will be more industrious.