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Bottom Makeup Tools
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Sponge: Used for foundation. Generally there are round, triangular and cylindrical (conical) shape. Round sponge is characterized by a slightly hard texture, large area, suitable for the forehead and cheeks in the position of a large area of the bottom. And the other two kinds of texture to be careful, suitable for the corners of the eye, nose and mouth and other parts of the bottom. Using different shapes of sponges can make the bottom makeup more detailed.

Puff: A round puff and a honey painting are commonly used. The round puff (pictured in Fig. 1) also has a lot of size distinctions. Large powder puff suitable for large area use, small puff suitable for local make-up. And the honey painting is a large cylindrical brush, is the largest makeup brush, dip the honey powder light sweep on the face can evenly sweep the powder faces, the effect is more natural.

Blush brush: Slightly smaller than honey, with bevel (Fig. 13) and flat (Fig. 12), the top of bristles is semi-circular. The bevel is suitable for the modification of the T-word position and zygomatic area, also called the facial contour brush. Large brushes can be used to paint large areas and brush away excess honey powder.