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About Company Mergence
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Dongguan Jinzhuo Cosmetics and Shenzhen Zhuoteng Cosmetics are mergered to be one as Dongguan Jinzhuo Makeup Tool Co. Ltd since  Jan 1st 2018.

The two company are both factories in manufacturing makeup tools, However, before merging, Shenzhen Zhuoteng is more foucsing on home market and Jinzhuo oversea market. Since their merging, two factories become one with more equipment and same management towards selling, new proeduct development, production and high level of quality. 

We will optimize a short leadtime and well guranteed quality. In the new year, we will take new product development as priority. 2 ~3 new products will meet right after Chinese new year and new arrival every monthly is a basis so that customers will get more options and be benefit from new products instead of old ones. We will not only introduce new product, but also new features and functions of innovated idea will come to a brand new product. We are aiming to be the best when you are looking for good makeup tools.

Can't wait to see our new product's arrival.