Retractabel Powder Brush

this travel-friendly, dome-shaped brush evenly applies and blends liquid foundation with ease.

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Retractable Powder Brush

This travel-friendly, dome-shaped brush evenly applies powder with ease.

  • 100% cruelty-free bristles

  • Made from recycled aluminum

  • Reusable storage pouch

  • Colorful and shining

The thin bristles are made from high-grade synthetic fibers to maximize product coverage and avoid potential allergic reactions to animal fur. Get gorgeous on the go with this travel-friendly, cruelty-free must-have.

About The Factory

Accumulated and growed for OEM and ODM in makeup brush set and single cosmetic brush both wood and plastic handles.

Competitive price and prompt delivery guarantted by complete equipment and machines owned by our factory. From the molding to plastic parts injection, from hair ironing to assembling, all the manufacturring steps be made by ourselves instead of subcontracted by other factory like other our competitors did. We are able to give customers with lowest price advantage.

Factory Views:

manufacturing site.JPG

assembling line.JPG

injection machine.JPG

cosmetics brush.jpg

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