Synthetic Hair Plastic Handle Makeup Brush Set

Synthetic Hair Plastic Handle Makeup Brush Set Bee Shape 10PCS Collection Beautiful 10 Piece Bee Shape Oval Brush Set for every makeup use imaginable! Provides a flawless application and includes every brush you need to achieve any makeup look! Get the professional look with these easy to use...

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Synthetic Hair Plastic Handle Makeup Brush Set Bee Shape 10PCS Collection

Beautiful 10 Piece Bee Shape Oval Brush Set for every makeup use imaginable! Provides a flawless application and includes every brush you need to achieve any makeup look!  Get the professional look with these easy to use oval brushes! From highlighting to contouring, this 10 piece set gives users so many options for doing your makeup. The brushes have a round shape design that's perfect for blending foundation, blush, or powder to your face or cheeks. With so many different sized brushes to choose from, user can achieve any look they want!


1. Product Introduction

We have this series 10pcs collection and 6pcs collection. Look flawless and model-like with this handy 10-Piece Metallic Silver Oval Brush Set. With soft and compact bristles rounded to different a wide ranged-sized of ovals, this brush is designed to give you the ultimate finishing touches.The blending results will have you and others in complete awesome! 


2. Product Specification


Synthetic Nylon hair



Handle Material

Plastic (Rubber Paint +Electroplating)

Numbers per kit





Silver, Rose Golden


3. Product Details

-Eyeshadow Brush*2
-Blusher Brush*1
-Eyeliner Brush*1
-Powder Brush*1
-Foundation Brush*1
-Concealer Brush*1
-Eyebrow Brush*1
-Highlight Brush*1
- lip Brush*1

4. Lead Time Delivery

Lead time 7 ~10days for mass production;

Two weeks for OEM orders;

Samples available in 3 days;


5. FAQ:

Q: What is kabuki brush?

A: A kabuki brush is a short-handled brush used to apply foundation, blush, and other cosmetic powders. Its soft, densely-packed, dome-shaped bristles may be made of natural material like goat, sable, badger, or squirrel hair, or a synthetic such as taklon or nylon. Kabuki brush heads are generally short and wide, allowing for quick and easy application of powder over a large area. Many have tapered heads, advantageous for smooth, even application of makeup. They are also used to create a buffed, natural look when using powders on the face.

Kabuki brushes are widely used for applying mineral makeup. The short, flat-ended handle makes it easier to use the brush for blending makeup to create a flawless look, one of the reasons for its popularity. The dense, short bristles also allow the mineral makeup to penetrate deep into the brush, making it easier to load the kabuki brush with powder and apply it evenly. This brush's handle is typically 1 inch (2.54 cm) or less in length. Some brushes may have longer handles, or mini-heads which make them suitable for uses such as concealing and mineral blush application.  

Q: How do I choose the best concealer brush?

A:Choosing the best concealer brush involves choosing a brush that will work well with one's favorite concealing cosmetics and finding a brush that fulfills one's preferences and budget. There are a number of kinds of concealers on the market from concentrated concealers that are meant to cover dark circles under the eyes or hide dark scars to light concealers that are meant for use all over the face. The concentrated concealers may be quite thick and come in a tube like lipstick or a in a pot like lip balm. Lighter concealers for all over use may come in a tube like foundation or under-eye cream.

For these thicker kinds of concealer, it is best to use a concealer brush with thick, firm fibers that are short and bundled quite closely together. This kind of concealer brush will be able to manage the product and will be helpful in applying the cosmetic to the specific areas where it is needed. For a thinner product that is meant to be applied all over the face, the fibers of the concealer brush can be a bit longer and less thickly bundled together. This will allow for the brush to transfer larger amounts of the product, which is used on larger amounts than the thicker cosmetic, to the face.





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