Oval Toothbrush Makeup Brushes

Oval Toothbrush Type Makeup Brushes 10pcs Kit Fish Beauty Series With Design Patent As one professional manufacturer specializing in makeup tools, we are committed to providing innovated makeup brushes designed by our R&D team. We will issue 1 to 3 new products monthly. 1. Product Introduction...

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Oval Makeup Brushes 10pcs Kit 

One professional manufacturer specializing in makeup tools, we are committed to providing innovated makeup brushes designed by our R&D team.


Product Introduction

The fish beauty series makeup brush kit adopting thin synthetic bristle and electroplating handle in silver and rose gold to cater to different color preference. 100% animal-free, luxurious and high-performance brush fiber. We hold the patent of this design, absolute ownership. Welcome for private label making. 




Nylon hair



Handle material

Plastic with electroplating

Numbers per kit







Easy for even makeup beginners, angled bristles will easily offer precision, so you do not need special makeup skills. Ideal for finishing or highlighting brushes.


Suitable for finishing and powder brushes. You can easily glide brushes with flat bristles from side to side, good for contouring.


This standard bristle shape provides moderate coverage   but enables you to easily achieve a seamless finish.

Round and Flat

Suitable for a powder brush as it provides a polished   look and creates great colors.


The pointed shape of bristles offers good control, you   will easily achieve natural blending of colors. Suitable for blusher or   highlighter brush.


You can easily achieve a radiant and polished look with   this shape of bristles. Buff in a circular motion and glide gently on your   skin.


Color Box Package Details

-Eyeshadow Brush*2
-Blusher Brush*1
-Eyeliner Brush*1
-Powder Brush*1
-Foundation Brush*1
-Concealer Brush*1
-Eyebrow Brush*1
-Highlight Brush*1
- lip Brush*1

Lead Time and Delivery

Lead Time: Generally 7 ~10days for mass production;

Adequate Samples available as per request;

Shipping available for both sea shipment and air shipment;


Production Capacity 3k daily / 80K monthly.



Q: What are some different kinds of makeup brushes?

A: When it comes to great-looking makeup, most women want to use makeup brushes. Makeup brushes have different shapes for different uses. Some are round and full, some pointed and thin.Makeup brushes may be made of natural or synthetic materials.

A basic brush is the powder brush. This will usually be the largest, fullest brush in a set. It is designed to apply loose powder so it does not cake on the skin. A foundation brush is also a large brush, but with flat bristles. This brush helps apply liquid or cream base evenly. This brush can also be moistened for a sheer finish.Other makeup brushes include those for blush, eye shadow, eyeliner and lipstick. A lipstick brushis tapered and thin for precise lipstick application, as is the eyeliner brush. The eye shadow brush is short and flat, so the shadow can be applied smoothly. A set purchase may be somewhat cheaper than individual purchases, but it depends on the person’s preferences.

Q: What is a Foundation Brush?

A: A foundation brush is a medium-sized makeup brush that applies liquid, cream or powder foundation to the skin. The brush has a plastic handle and bristles on the end. Most foundation brush bristles are very soft to the touch. This kind of brush allows foundation makeup to be applied evenly on the face.

Some foundation brushes have short bristles, while others have longer bristles. Short-bristled brushes are generally used for cream or liquid foundations. Long-bristled brushes are used for powder foundations.



Factory View:

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