Easy Clean Daily Use Makeup Brushes Set

Easy Clean Daily Use Makeup Brushes Set Well guaranteed quality and low price for wine glass shape makeup brush set 10pcs kit/5pcs kit. This is the most economical model for best makeup application purpose, non shedding off hair, best choice of all necessary brushes included. 1. Product...

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Daily Use Makeup Brushes Set

1. Product Introduction

100% animal free bristle no shedding off at strict tests and fine workmanship,using high-performing, antimicrobial alternative to animal-based fibre, quite thin bristle for soft purpose. Antimicrobial solutions are also available to keep brush fibre healthy and safe to avoid allergy;


Well guaranteed quality and low price 5pcs/10pcs makeup brush set;

100% handmade makeup brushes for beginners application; 

Non shedding off;

Best choice of all necessary brushes included.

2.Product Details 

Makeup brushes for applying makeup on face or body. 

1. Powder Brush

2. Angle blush brush

3. Highlight Brush

4. Contour Brush

5. Smokey Brush

6. Blending Eye Shadow Brush

7. Concealer Brush  

8. Eyeshadow Brush

9. Lip Brush

10. Eyebrow Comb


3. Package Details: 

5pcs kit : 223mm*176mm*60mm    190g

10pcs kit:344mm*214mm*47mm     284g


4. Departing Port: Shenzhen/Hongkong

5. FAQ:  

Q: What is your purchase minimum order quantity?

A: We offer 2pcs sample free of charge; For bulk purchase, MOQ: 50pcs  

Q: Are the bristles shedding off?

A: No. We apply our brushes with very good glue in the ferrule or inside the base of the bristle.

And we do strict and harsh testing for shedding and testing approve a big NO. 

Q:How Often to Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

A:This can take a good chunk of time out of your day and you want to avoid it as much as possible. The good news? You don't have to clean your brushes every day. As long as your skin is clear and you aren't dealing with any allergies or infections, we recommend lightly wiping the bristles on a towel in between uses, which will extend the amount of time you can go between washes. Wet washing once a week isn’t realistic for most people, so if you can use a spray cleanser every one to two weeks and do a full wet wash once a month, that should be fine.


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