10 Pieces Mike Shape Makeup Brush Set

Product Design Patent Number:ZL 2017 3 0249412.3 Introduction: Plastic handle Synthetic nylon hair aluminum ferrule color box package 6pcs/ 10pcs set surface rubber paited Manufacturer Introduction: Dongguan Jinzhuo Cosmetics 2017 Mergered with Shenzhen Zhuoteng Cosmetics Corportaion which was...

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Product Design Patent Number:ZL 2017 3 0249412.3

Product Feature:


Hair:Synthetic nylon hair


Package:color box package

Surface : rubber paint

Type:6pcs/ 10pcs set

Package Details

-Eyeshadow Brush*2
-Blusher Brush*1
-Eyeliner Brush*1
-Powder Brush*1
-Foundation Brush*1
-Concealer Brush*1
-Eyebrow Brush*1
-Highlight Brush*1
- Lip Brush*1

Delivery and Shipping

Lead time: 21days for mass production .

Adequate stock for sample request.


How can I take care of makeup brushes?

You don't need to saturate your brushes heavily with soap and water. Pour out just a little bit of soap into your palm, dab your brush into the soap, and use your fingers to gently clean the bristles in a pinching motion, from the base to the ends of the brush.

Hold your brush with the bristles pointed down into the sink while washing - over time, water and soap can loosen the glue that holds your brush together, so you want to keep that to a minimum.

This is possibly the most important step, and easily the one that gets overlooked the most. Once you've washed your brushes, re-shape them by lightly running your fingers over the brush tip to smooth everything out.

Then lay them flat on a paper towel to air dry completely before putting them back into your makeup bag. If you put them away before they're completely dry, they'll smell like a wet dog and can mildew!

It's important that they are flat while drying because, again, you don't want that water to hang out at the base of the brush for too long, plus you want to keep gravity on your side - if you leave them upright while drying, the bristles will fan out and lose their shape.

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