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What are The Five Necessary Makeup Brushes?
- Jan 23, 2018 -

Makeup application depends a lot on the brushes that you use, and here you    will find the basic and necessary makeup brushes for common users.

A foundation brush, a powder/blusher/bronzer brush, an eye shadow brush, a small fluffy brush to blend both eye shadow and concealer and a small sharp flat brush for precision.

For foundation, it is large in size. So we do usually place it at home because it is not friendly to be taken out . But for other makeup applications like blush, eyeshadow, eye blending, concealer and eyeliner for precision. Therefore, a travel size or a portable kit which are smaller enought to contain in handbag is quite problem solving and really helpful.

Here we make this thinking become true. We design a makeup box to contain 4 or 5pcs brushes including highlight , blending/repairing, eye shadow, angled eye lid, lip brush. And the brushes are sharing a single handle by screwing on and off on both ends, and the box are divided to two layers , each layer, it contains 2 to 3 brushes. It also include a mirror to be perfect.  We prepare many colors, like pink, black, purple, red. Excellent hight end packages also available for branded labels.