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There's a new makeup trend and it's incredibly weird
- Dec 12, 2017 -

Beauty bloggers have started using condoms to apply their make-up.

That's right - no longer are rubbers just used for safe sex - but for precise make-up, too. 

The trick, apparently, is to rinse all lubrication off the condom, then insert a beauty blender, and you’re good to go.

Hopefully, the blogger just made it to get more attraction and more fans instead of leading the trend. It is embarrasing to get condoms on the face area and mojarity of female will not accept it for makeup.

Ohh,it approves true. Below are some comments from one of the youtube video.

And people are - obviously - confused:

i really just saw a girl do a make up tutorial using a beauty blender inside a condom.. i hate the internet

— lil angg (@angelaaatrannn) February 8, 2017


Have I really just watched someone put a beauty blender in a fucking condom and use it to do their make up????? Please ya gotta stop😭😭😭

— Hope (@HopieOh) February 8, 2017


Just watched an IG makeup vid of this girl contouring her face with a condom over her beauty blender what the fuck has this world come to

— Krystal (@kristadenaroo) February 8, 2017


You think you've seen it all until the beauty blender wrapped in a condom 'trend' starts happening. Just why 🙃

— Hols ♡ (@hollyisabella__) February 8, 2017