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Two major categories of sponge for cosmetic use
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Cosmetic sponge can be divided into cleansing sponge and bottom makeup with a puff sponge two major categories. Slightly loose surface pores of the cleansing sponge, can gently remove skin cutin. The market labeled "dual-use" sponge is not only used for cleansing, can also be used as a base makeup puff. Sponges are usually of the following four types:

1, the mind detailed type

The sponge's surface is almost invisible and feels smooth. Besides being able to wash your face, there is also the function of foundation.

2. Careless type

Sponge surface space is larger, exfoliating effect is excellent, but because the surface is more coarse, the damage to the skin is also large, not often used, otherwise it will leave the pores and other "sequela."

3, "Thin" Wai Hui medium

Dry flat shape: the appearance is flat, thin piece, look inconspicuous, but it is made with wood pulp, absorbent quite good.

4. Type of rules

The surface of the sponge is thicker.

5, Honest type

It is usually rounded, with a thick, absorbent strength, used to modify the detail of the powder block or to erase too much foundation, very convenient. Gently wet after use, can improve the feeling of tightness of the skin.