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Thermal Sensitive Thermal Makeup Brush Set
- Dec 21, 2017 -

Thermal Sensitive Color Changing Makeup Brushes

Have you ever heard that makeup brushes could change its color after touching the handle?  It is true in fact and it makes the using of your makeup tool more interesting than ever before. Believe or not, here i will show you how it works.

Below is just a quite normal brush as ever you saw, synthetic hair, aluminum ferrule, and plastic handle. Nothing sepcial in its looking, even it has a very plain color and shape.


It did make difference after your finger releasing from the handle. Look where it touches with your skin. The color changed. Amazing, right?

thermal sensitive makeup brush.png

Just to imagine if you are using a nich looking brush like below, and it changes its color after touching the handle.  Is it funny ? Now i guess you want to change your brushes and be more playable with your things as life should be full of surprise and fun.