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Select Foundation Brushes
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Invest money to buy a good brush, not only can be arbitrary to draw a precise, clean makeup, but also to create a smooth makeup without powder marks. However, a suitable foundation for the use of foundation brush to choose how to correct, now teach you the choice of tips!

★ Foundation Brush Selection Tips:

Point 1: Soft hardness to be hard, flexible

Point 2: The bristles are dense

Point 3: Bristles width approx. 4cm

Point 4: Bristles length approx. 5cm

Point 5: Type of diagonal trapezoid

Point 6: Grab the handle.

Point 7: The best selection of the material fur or synthetic synthetic fiber foundation brush does not absorb water, high extension, is the biggest advantage of synthetic fiber bristles. And it releases the foundation liquid function is extremely good, can very stably as the brush operation releases evenly the foundation liquid, 0 wastes the foundation to use one drop.

In addition, in the weekly cleaning and maintenance, brush easy to dry nature, you can avoid the occurrence of a terrible accident, and there is no animal hair brush mutton yo! Animal Hair Foundation Brush Touch Supple, halo dye Strong, is the other brush hair irreplaceable superior properties, and its gentle brush feel does not hurt pull skin, for exquisite touch and care face wrinkles, texture of women is very suitable. Although the initial use will have a little bit of animal hair taste, but the more the use of brush hair more smooth, low deformation characteristics, so often use brush with powder on the makeup artist is recommended.