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Portable Powder Brush Is An Innovation For Brand Also
- Mar 12, 2018 -

Since its laucnhing, our portable multifunction poweder brush and also workable as body brush is warmly welcome for some brands in high quality market. Innovation is all the manufacturers keep pursuit nowadays. 

However, how to make the innovation more acceptable for customers, we did a lot of effort in enduser investigation by doing quite big quantity of invesition via our B2C retail store. After a short while of the brush was sold, our sales person will call to user one by one at their convenience time and get their quite valuable comments for us. With this comments, we will do a lot of improvements and also we will consider user's demand , suggestions, advice into our new product development and make it as perfect as possible, though we know perfect is no existing in this world. We can do our upmost to get it closer and closer.

Now this portable powder brush of egg looking is the most hot selling product among other of our product items. Our R&D group are now concentrating on another amazing portable brush. Users could bring it during their traveling or a trip, but still enjoy a perfect makeup application by taking only one handle but quite different heads for powder, for blush, for eye shadow and for blending.

At first glance, it is like you take only ONE normal brush, next it will be like playing a magic tricks but the process is just so easy and time saving.

Please expect with us in the end of this month to see how you will get new!