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Jinzhuo Cosmetics Latest New Product Portable Facial Cleaning Brush
- Dec 08, 2017 -

End of November, Jinzhuo Cosmetics successfully introduces its new product of multifunctial facial cleaning brush, also workable for foundation brush by using extremely soft nylon hair to achieve both purposes.

As more and more amazon buyers looking for innovation items in makeup tool area, this new product is designed for this groups of customers. As long as the new product is announced, we do receive plenty inquires from our customers for samples. Now we have prepare adequate stock with totally 5 colors available for different end user tastes.

Colorful is the most obvious feature. Even the hair is used in quite bright colors. 

Egg shaped with sliding-proof scrub design.It looks just cute and useful. The cover will prevent it from dust whatever you put it after using, and it does a great job in working this way.

foundation brush.jpg

The next new product will be launched end of this month and is another innovation. It is also a portable but designed in set and with a mirro. So, let us expect its comming!