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How to Minimize and Prevent Enlarged Pores and Blackheads
- Dec 23, 2017 -

Enlarged pores and blackheads can be a very unsightly and can impact some’s self-esteem. However, understanding the causes along with proper products as well as some to stay away from can help to minimize, treat and prevent these issues, enabling you to get the smoother, brighter complexion you’ve always wanted. Now before we get into some of the tips, we think it is essential to understand some of the causes.

What Causes Enlarged Pores and Blackheads

When the skin produces too much sebum oil it can mix with the dead skin cells in the pore. This oil becomes trapped by the dead skin cells and dirt which causes the skin to swell and the pore to become congested, forming a clogged and enlarged pore.The reason your pores enlarge is to provide room for the oil to flow out. However, due to incomplete cleaning your face, the oil stay trapped and does not get out in timely. As a result,cummulated oil and dirt can collect at the end of the pore, and when it is exposed to air it will oxidize forming, a BLACKHEAD!

Things That Can Cause Your Pores To Get Clogged

Aside from dead skin cells, if you have experienced enlarged pores and blackheads you probably have seen that some items can worsen the situation, and some may be culprits you are unaware of.  While there are quite a few things to stay away from, we compiled a list of the most common ones we see people expose themselves to daily.

Going To Bed With Your Makeup On

You see when we go to sleep we are renewing our body, mind and more, which includes the skin. Wearing makeup to bed prevents your skin from this renewal process. Which can contribute to clogging your pores and outbreaks.

Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Let's first start with the fact that our makeup brushes can harbor bacteria and dead skin cells, YUK, and who wants to put that on their skin, NOT US!  But, if you are NOT cleaning your makeup brushes regularly this is precisely what you are doing.

Properly washing and storing them can keep your face clean & healthy. Furthermore, cleaning your makeup brushes will ensure they remain in the best shape and increase longevity. Makeup brushes are just as essential as the makeup itself, so taking care of them is important. A solution to help alleviate this, it to use a makeup brush cleaner.

Washing our face with bar soap: This soap usually contains harsh ingredients that can dry your skin. This drying soap pulls the water out of the surface creating the dead skin cell build up. 

A Dirty Pillow: You want to make sure that you are washing your pillows weekly.

Excess Sweat: Not correctly cleaning after you have had a workout as sweat can cause your pores to clog.

Dehydration: When our skin is dehydrated from a lack of moisture your body makes it up by overproducing oil.

Tips To Prevent: How to clean our face effectively and completely 


Use face cleaner with the tool of a facial cleaning brush, our designed designed magic box using quite thin synthetic hair,  help face cleaner reaching to every where of our skin in deep and achieve the best cleaning effects, removing pore-clogging impurities, dead dulling skin and excess surface oil for skin that looks healthier and more balanced.

Exfoliate: Exfoliation can be performed in many ways, from manually with a device to using facial scrubs that contain ingredients that can help sloth away those unwanted dead skin cells. The key is to rid your skin of those dead skin cells that would gather in your pores, stretching it out, which can lead to an ugly blackhead. Additionally, by buffing away those dead skin cells, you are also making it easier for the skin to absorb moisturizers and other skin treatments.

Be Gentle: When exfoliating you do not want to be pulling or tugging on the skin, not only can this cause harm to your skin it can also lead to premature aging.



In short,after using this tool, you will know how powerful of tool to clean our face and finally the blackhead removed out and pores reduced.