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How to make a special shapped makeup brushes, like a heart, diamond or a drop of water etc.
- Jan 20, 2018 -

As a makeup brush manufacturer we do make customized makeup brush, of customized logo, design, hair bristle, even customized ferrule. Those are just the common problem we will handle during the process. For example, our R&D together with the sample team worked on a diamond shape of a foundation brush. We had customer's sample in heart shape and another in shape of a drop of water.

Why? Because customer asked to make the diamond foundation brush in 5cm x3.5cm x8cm but the shape of hair looks like a combination of heat shape and water shape brush hair. 

You may think, the process must be difficult. I have to answer yes if by hand without using any accurate tool for shapping, it is quite difficult. In fact, doing a specially shapped brush head, we will make a mould cup according to the the waves and height of hair as per request from customer's request. For the manufactureing consideration, another tooling,made by copper for heat transfer, for fixing the hair together with ironing the whole base to the plastic vessel.Sometimes , due to the accuracy demand, the tools will be made twice because first one might not be so accurate. Therefore, has to be treated very seriously to avoid second tooling.

By using above mentioned tools , the shap is ready. The last step is to iron the hair as a whole to stick tightly on the vessel base by glue.