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How do you collect your makeup brushes and other makeup tools?
- Mar 19, 2018 -

There are several ways to collect your makeup brushes and other tools:

1. Acylic organizer

Put some plastic pearls into the organizer, then insert the brushes to pearls. Here is a picture for reference:

2.Silicone makeup tools holder

There are many makeup accessories need to collect, not only brushes. So I use following silicone holders to collect them. Different size silicone holds can accommodate various of beauty essentials from tweezers to brushes.

3.Brush tree

Following brush tree is really a good tool, after you cleaning brushes, you can use it for collecting them, it can protect the hair shape and ferrule.

4.a glass mason jar or decorative vase filled with coffee beans or beads to hold your brushes in an upright position. Then place each brush bristles facing up as not to bend or disturb their shape. Hope you found these tips helpful!