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Foundation Brush Advantage
- Oct 23, 2017 -
Whether the use of fingers or puff, foundation fluid is inevitably contaminated on the finger, this is part of the main reason for people to change the foundation liquid brush. If you finish the foundation and forget to wash your hands directly change clothes to take things, often will be the foundation liquid everywhere is. In particular, the girl with long nails, makeup when the foundation liquid residue in the nail seam, feel very sloppy. And with the foundation liquid brush There is no such trouble. The foundation brush only needs one weeks to wash with the hand sanitizer or the bath fluid once, will be able to eliminate the problem of dirty hands when putting on makeup. When not in use, cover the protective cover, so as not to brush the head stained with ash, and then inserted in the ventilation. On cleanliness, it is also cleaner than a sponge.