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Foundation Brush actual Combat article
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Brush-Sending brush to paint without a trace of makeup

Brush pie Point of view: Foundation Brush is the most professional foundation, the strongest tool.

Advantages: Foundation brush can completely retain the original texture of foundation, flexible operation and brush out the bottom makeup thickness uniformity, long service life, easy cleaning and maintenance.

Disadvantages: Not easy to carry, need more practice to master skills.

Suitable for the crowd: Makeup artist and master of the high makeup skills of the person.

For Foundation: Liquid Foundation. Liquid ductility is good, the easiest to use the foundation brush brushing evenly.

Upgrade points: Strength, brushing direction.

Brush-Pie Talent: Grip Brush method determines the effect of smear

In the brush cheeks, forehead, nose and chin, and other areas of larger parts, the foundation brush and skin angle to maintain at about 30 degrees, and in the brush nose, eyes weeks, corners of the mouth, the foundation brush up, brush head can be very dexterous to take care of these small parts. The other is the weight of the brush, because the foundation brush brush head elasticity is very big and relatively hard, so the degree of force must be grasped well, too light easy to have brush marks, too heavy will brush very uneven, in the face left a way.