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Cosmetic Sponge type
- Oct 23, 2017 -

In the face of a wide variety of cosmetic sponge, in the end how to choose? Cosmetic sponge mainly has the following types:

1. Detailed Texture:

There is hardly any space on the surface and it feels smooth. This sponge, in addition to washing the face, but also the function of foundation.

2. Large surface voids:

This type of sponge exfoliating function is excellent, can be due to its surface roughness, damage to the skin is also large, unfavorable often use it, otherwise it will leave a terrible sequela.

Cosmetic Sponge

3. Dry Flat shape:

The appearance is flat, thin piece, look inconspicuous, but it is made of wood pulp, water absorption is quite good.

4. Bar-like:

The surface is thicker, the water absorption is not dry flat-shaped, but its advantage is that it is convenient to carry out.

Whatever sponge you choose, here's a reminder: sponges can only be used two times a week. Otherwise, after a perennial "rub" down, the skin will become more coarse.