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All For One Magnetic Travel Brush Set
- Jan 12, 2018 -

How long time you may think it is a reasonable time to clean your makeup brushes? Clean it once a week apparently a frequent issue for us. Unfortunately, I've noticed recently that once-weekly cleaning isn't cutting it.  "clean"  is very important, because if you're frequently using those brushes on or around your eyes, lips, and face you want to avoid anything that could cause a breakout or, worse, an eye infection. Plus, if you keep your makeup brushes clean they will last longer and perform better. 

To supply the best possible solution with a reasonable price is our aim. One double ended handle possible for more brush head, like 4 brush heads, including foundation, powder, eye shadow, eyeliner or brow. In general, it's everything you need. Plus, you can double up both end of the handle with different brush head. It is small enough for most everyday bags or for traveling or use it on the way to back work when you just no adequate time for makeup in the morning. The cap will protect the brush clean once you finished your makeup and prolong the cleaning frequency. 

Highly recommend switching over to portable makeup brushes. You won't regret it.