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A separate, smaller makeup brush kit you can take on the go
- Dec 11, 2017 -

Addicted to make-up brushes? You can never have too many. That’s why (if you don’t own one already) you’ll probably want a separate, smaller brush kit you can take on the go. Now Jinzhuo Cosmetics have an amazing mini makeup brush kit,  that’s an absolute steal, complete with shorter handled versions of all of your favourite full-sized tools and store in a portable case with a mirror.

If you’re a bit of a beginner to the make-up brush game, a basics set will set you up with the fundamentals for your kit, but be warned: it’ll probably start your make-up brush addiction, too. 


Of course, your kit will last you much longer if you know how to clean make-up brushes and store them properly. You should wash your brushes at least once a week if you use them every day, and try to cleanse with a brush spray between uses. Ideally, they should always be stored upright in a pot (or similar container) or lay flat in a brush case. 

Make-up brush shopping, anyone?